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Game development

Game development and gaming, in general, are some of the hottest topics in the past few years. Find out how you can leverage games to bring your brand to the utmost potential

Content Marketing

Content has become the backbone of the business, and therefore marketing, in the 21st century. If you wish to be competitive in the market, you must show your customers exactly what you are offering

Internet Advertising

The Internet has recently surpassed every other medium when it comes to functional advertising. Direct marketing, contextual advertising or something else - we can do it all

Event Management

Business events are our great specialty and even greater joy! Today, networking is more important than ever, and business events are ideal places for this type of activity.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks have become something no one expected ten years ago - a dominant source of meeting new people, having fun, getting to all kinds of information, but also doing business

Continuous Support

Problems happen, but certainly are not here to stay. No matter what kind of problems you're experiencing, our team of experts can handle them in no-time

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U edukacijskim prostorima Poliklinike Bagatin održan je treći Adria Business Network

U edukacijskim prostorima Poliklinike Bagatin održan je treći Adria Business Network u organizaciji poduzetnica Željke Barišić i Kristine Krstinić. Primarni cilj ovog događaja bio je doniranje dijela iznosa od prodanih ulaznica slijepim i slabovidnim štićenicima Centra za odgoj i obrazovanje „Vinko Bek“ u Zagrebu. Ravnatelj poliklinike Bagatin i gost predavač, Ognjen Bagatin o svemu nam je nakon događaja rekao –...

Održan drugi Adria Business Network u AlgebraLAB-u

U prostorima Algebra LABa održan je drugi Adria Business Network event u organizaciji poduzetnica Željke Barišić i Kristine Krstinić. Cilj događaja je poslovno umrežavanje u Hrvatskoj i regiji, stvaranje poslovnih prilika te poticanje kontinuirane edukacije. Kroz događaj svima je ponuđena prilika da nađu nove klijente te sklope lukrativne poslove.   Gost predavač Damir Bičanić, Head of Funderbeam SEE, ukazao je na to što je...

Game Development

We develop games for various different platforms which cover wide spread of different types of genres, following game industry standards in both trend and production aspects of the creation process. As game development services encapsulate different types of skills, we offer variety of different services which serve as a backbone for the game creation and production process.

Game Design

Assessment, definition and elaboration of every aspect of your game

Game Development

Programming of different aspect of the game such as game mechanics, user interface interaction, artificial intelligence etc.

Game ready assets and concept design

Production of 2D/3D art in both concept and game-ready form-factor

Narrative design

Definition and elaboration of narrative progression, storyline and character development

Unique approach

Leverage every aspect that video game provides to bring your brand, vision or message to the utmost potential and reach wide spread of audience. Work with us to bring your ideas to life, and create your next master piece for the global game community to enjoy

Service oriented

To better understand your needs we have assembled short form for you to narrow down choices and, possibly, to point you in the right direction. Every aspect of the form is elaborated to the utmost detail, therefore we suggest that you take your time in reading and defining your choices

Recent Works

Collection of work-in-progress and finished projects

"A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." - Shigeru Miyamoto, The Legend of Zelda

Digital Media

Services which include handling your "day-to-day" digital media management