Social Media Marketing, Internet Advertising, Content Marketing, Event Management, Mobile Game Development, Continuous Support. Kompletna usluga na jednom mjestu

Social Media Marketing, Internet Advertising, Content Marketing, Event Management, Mobile Game Development, Continuous Support. Complete service in one place.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks have become something no one expected 10 years ago – a dominant source of meeting new people, having fun, getting to all kinds of information, but also doing business. According to your needs and expectations, we can create the atmosphere you want on your business social networks. It includes quality photography, imaginative copywriting and cordial community management. Let us know through which social networks you want to reach your customers, and we will suggest how it would be most effective for you. Building your brand awareness is important to us and rest assured that we will raise it to an enviable level.

Internet Advertising

The Internet has recently surpassed every other medium when it comes to functional advertising. Until recently, these were television and radio that could in no way surpass all the possibilities of advertising on the Internet. Direct marketing, contextual advertising or something else – we can do it all according to your needs. We are here to analyze your site and suggest how to use it for a functional online presentation of your brand and get as many conversions as possible.

Content Marketing

Content has become the backbone of the business, and therefore marketing, in the 21st century. If you want to succeed and be competitive in the job market, it is important that you show your customers exactly what you are offering. If you believe in your product or service and make it clear to us how and with what you want to emphasize your originality and purpose in society, then we are the right agency for you. We will create text for your website, blog posts, articles for publications and even books. Why? Because we have the know-how!

Event Management

Business events are our great specialty and even greater joy! Today, networking is more important than ever, and business events are ideal places for this type of activity. Through business, we not only connect with other people and open new business collaborations but also find opportunities to implement our own ideas. We find partners who will spice up our business, point us in the right direction, put an end to a project, or simply inspire us to take our business to a higher level. Whether you need a conference, promotion, birthday party, team building or just a closed-type dinner for a group of people, we are here to provide all the details without wasting your time and energy in organizing.

Mobile Game Development

We develop games for various different platforms which cover wide spread of different types of genres, following game industry standards in both trend and production aspects of the creation process. As game development services encapsulate different types of skills, we offer variety of different services which serve as a backbone for the game creation and production process. Assessment, definition and elaboration of every aspect of your game. Programming of different aspect of the game such as game mechanics, user interface interaction, artificial intelligence etc. Production of 2D/3D art in both concept and game-ready form-factor. Definition and elaboration of narrative progression, storyline and character development.

Continuous Support

You can contact us at any time and ask anything that interests you. We are here to answer every question and consider cooperation, whether you just call us with a few questions or require a four-eye meeting. We will adapt our time to you and your business so you can manage your time constructively.

Vrijeme izazova - biti i ostati uspješan

Pozivamo vas na online Adria Business Network #5 koji će se održati putem platforme Zoom

24.6.2020. u 18 sati,

u organizaciji poduzetnica Željke Barišić, vlasnice Forca Digital Agency i
Kristine Krstinić, vlasnice MIKRIS Project Managementa.

Naša tema ovog puta bit će Vrijeme izazova – biti i ostati uspješan,
a naš gost Dario Marenić, vlasnik tvrtke Elda.

Predviđeno trajanje događaja je 40 minuta, gost će održati predavanje u trajanju od 25 minuta,
a potom slijede vaša pitanja.

Sudjelovanje na događaju je besplatno, a prijave su putem linka:
(Meeting ID: 857 7823 5212)

Generalni pokrovitelji događaja su Poliklinika Bagatin, Kreativ info
te Kongresni centar FORUM Zagreb.

Srebrni sponzor je FINA – Financijska agencija.

Pratiti nas možete putem službene Facebook i Instagram stranice Adria Business Network,
istoimenog YouTube kanala
te na web stranicama &

Meeting ID: 202 345 549
Password: 027045

Veselimo se prvom virtualnom druženju! Dobro nam došli! 😃
Kristina i Željka 😃

Prvi Adria Business Network ONLINE