Events organized by our small team

First Adria Business Network event brought together a group of ambitious individuals to acquire wisdom about Influencer Marketing which is, without a doubt one of the hottest topics in the digital domain today.

Wisdom was provided by Veronika Rosandić, one of the top influencers in Croatia, who was given the prestige Cosmopolitan Influencer of the year award in 2019.

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Second Adria Business Network event provides detailed information on leveraging funding platforms, and how they fit your needs to maintain a stable business future.

Damir Bićanić and Adnan Mehmedović-Medo share their experiences with Funderbeam platform.

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Third Adria Business Network event focuses on the origins of Bagatin Policlinics and how have they handled their exponential growth, and recorded such high profile success in health industry.

Ognjen Bagatin will share his wisdom on the entrepreneurial mindset, and what it takes to leverage such an approach.

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